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Question > vb6 problem (date: 2010-05-14)
By Antony
Hi there, i\'ve been reading on some of your tutorials for vb6 and they\'re very helpfull and explain a lot. now i have a question about a mdiparent. you see i\'ve created a program and have an mdiparent as my main form and have all my other forms as mdichild, since my program is gettings larger everyday, when i minimize my vb6 application during runtime, my application doesn\'t minimize to the taskbar but however is sitll running in the background. having this trouble for months now. and could use with a bit of insight. thank you
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Answer > vb6 problem (date: 2010-05-16)
By Kardi
You may want to close some of the MDI Children in the Form_QueryUnload
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Answer > VB tutorials soft copy (date: 2010-06-08)
By Kardi
Dear Mohan, Thank you for your interest. While the web tutorial can be surfed for free from my personal web site, for your convenience, you may also opt to purchase the PDF files of the tutorials at price USD 15 per tutorial, payable using PayPal.
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Question > VB tutorials soft copy (date: 2010-06-08)
By Mohanarangan
I am an undergraduate sutdent, while surfing the net I came across your tutorials and found to be very useful. Could you please provide me with a soft copy of your VB turorials. Or you can inform the site where it could be downloaded. If you could help me it would be of great use to me. Regards. Mohan.
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> (date: )
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