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Four Basic Rules of Problem Solving

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Implementing the smartness principle, we can derive four rules to solve any problem in general.

Rule no 1. To solve any problem we must first believe that the problem can be solved, otherwise no problem can be solved. Faith leads the deeds.

Rule no 2. Any problem can be solved easily if we think that it is easy. There are many ways to solve problem, and we can solve any problem easily if we think in a different way. Just change our perception/ paradigm about that problem, then the problem will suddenly seems easy.

Rule no 3. Knowing the problem properly is solving more than a half of the solution. Most solutions lie on the problem. The heart of solutions is the problem itself.

Rule no 4. There is at least one solution to any problems. There is no problem that cannot be solved. Some problems are not real; it is just fake problem. It is looks like a problem but actually it is not. We need to understand the problem and the solutions will come out easily.

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