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Discipline as Mental Tool

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This is the best tool that we have already within us. The key to use it is only one: willingness. Surely this is a very heavy duty tool but the result of using it is really great.Discipline is not as hard as you may think.

What is discipline? It is a simple act to be clean & neat, honest, regular, well prepare and be early.

When we do everything regularly and we will gain control our over our own emotion, feeling and thinking.

Once you practice this simple things, you will start to get the benefit. It ranges from a simple things up to great things. You may get self confidence and more happiness to work because you now you can accomplish many things much more than before you learn discipline.

You can create your own new habit and erase your undesirable habit. In the long run, you will gain control your over your own emotion, feeling and thinking and knowing where you are and where are you heading to.



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