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Attitude that Produce Creativity

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  • • Ideas come from your experience and your imagination. If you observe many things carefully and listen more carefully on what other people are saying, you may get the oil for your Aladdin lamp.
  • • When you are in the state of creativity, never consider whether the ideas that pop up in your mind are good or bad, silly or crazy. Just write it down (or use tape recorder to record). The state of creativity is much weaker than the state of considering. It is easily killed by any critics and consideration. To start again, you need some time to warm up. Always think of what are the possible things that you can do and not what will happen if you do it. Thinking of the consequence of any action is in the state of considering that will kill creativity state.
  • • Positive and possible thinking will bring better and faster ideas. When you say it is not possible to solve that problem, you have close your state of creativity and you may produce nothing. In the other hand, when you believe that it is possible, you may start to list what are the possible ideas.
  • • Always set the problem that you want to attack or the purpose of ideas that you want to produce specifically. The more focus and well define is your problem, easier for you to produce more accurate ideas.
  • • Always bring a piece of paper and pen wherever you go so that anytime you get some ideas, you may write it down there. (Or you can bring a small IC recorder)
  • • Personal ideas gathering can be done whether you are fully awake or sleepy. Ideas that come from your sleepy state are even better because you may get many things from a dream world.
  • • You need a strong will to move from the state of considering to the state of creativity.
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