Multi Criteria Decision Making Calculator

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Calculator for Multi Criteria Decision Making

MCDM Calculator is very useful decision making tool to prioritize the alternatives based on multi criteria.

How to use this MCDM Calculator?

Step 1: Select the number of Alternatives and the number of Criteria. Press Next button

Step 2: This optional step is to rename the name of each criterion. Press Next button

Step 3: Fill up the scores. There are two types of scores:

  1. Criterion Weight: the relative weight of each criterion
  2. Alternative Weight: the relative weight of each alternative for each criterion


Set the number of Alternatives
Select the number of Criteria


Rename the Criteria and fill up the relative weight for each criterion


Fill up the scores of each alternative and each criterion to calculate the priority.

Tips on how to use MCDM Calculator:

  • Do not skip the step. Do it step by step.
  • When you fill up the Criterion Weight, give relative value among the criteria. Higher criterion weight, the more important that criterion among the other criteria.
  • When you fill up the Alternative Weight, focus on each criterion then give the relative score among the Alternatives. Give higher score to the alternatives that you think is more important than the other alternatives, considering that criterion only. Any positive numbers (say, between 1 to 100) will do as your score. A score is relative weight you give to each alternative within each criterion.
  • Click the criterion headers to sort the table to help you to fill up the score for Alternative Weight.
  • After finish making all the scores, do not forget to press Calculate button.
  • You can change the Criterion Weight in Step 2 and then click Calculate button in Step 3 to update the results without clicking the Next button in Step 2.
  • If problem happens, you can refresh your browser to restart again.

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These tutorial is copyrighted.

Preferable reference for this tutorial is

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