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Delayed average

Delayed average or (in short dag ) is an average with delay Delayed Average is defined as arithmetic mean of the sequence up to Delayed Average ,

Delayed Average (9)

Delayed Average

Diagram of delayed-average

The concept of delayed average is very useful when we are dealing with the sequence of measurement that grows over time. As the length of sequence Delayed Average is increasing by time, sometimes we would like to know the time average up to some time before the latest measurement. Delay Delayed Average must be positive integer. When Delayed Average , the delayed average is simply the average itself. If Delayed Average , we are dealing with prediction, that we will address in later chapter. Of course, Delayed Average is not always represents the length of full sequence. Delayed Average is simply the total number of elements in our consideration that we want to take the average, counted from the beginning of the sequence.


We have sequence Delayed Average . Let the delay Delayed Average , and Delayed Average , then

Delayed Average

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