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Matrix of a Graph

After several years, the graph family has been developed into modern era. Now they want to be part in the computer. Unfortunately, computer only understand numbers, not graph. To suit graph family into computer, they think on how to represent them into numbers that computer can understand.

After long and many discussions, they finally agree to let the computer know about graph by a simple representation called Matrix .

Graph Theory Tutorial

Matrix is a table of numbers. Each element in the matrix table can be filled by a number.

Here is an example of a graph and its matrix.

Graph Theory Tutorial Graph Theory Tutorial

One graph is represented by one matrix. Can you figure out what is the relationship between matrix and its graph?

The graph family wants to be represented in the computer through matrix. However, there are many methods to represent a graph in a matrix. Each method has its own advantages.

In this introductory tutorial, we will only discuss two of the methods that are quite well known, namely

Keep reading this tutorial, and you will understand more.

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