By Kardi Teknomo, PhD .

Monte Carlo Simulation Tutorial

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Resources on Monte Carlo Simulation

To probe further from my Monte Carlo Simulation tutorial (in MS Excel without macro or programming), you may consider the following list of resources on Monte Carlo Simulation. I welcome any feedback and input about other good resources that you want to include in this list; please tell me about it.

Simulaton Journals


Other Articles and Tutorials on Monte Carlo Simulation


  • Paul Coddington : Monte Carlo Simulation for Statistical Physic
  • Peter J. Steinbach: Introduction to Macromolecular Simulation
  • Peitgen, H. O. and Saupe, D. (1988) The Science of Fractal Images, Springer-Verlag , New York .
  • Fishman, G.S. (1996) Monte Carlo , Concept, Algorithms, and Applications, Srpinger , New York
  • Ross, S.M. (1997) Simulation 2 ed, Academic Press, SanDiego
  • Newman, M.E.J. and Barkema, (2001) G.T. Monte Carlo Methods in Statistical Physics, Clarendon Press, Oxford
  • Landau, D. P. and Binder, K. (2000) A Guide to Monte Carlo Simulation in Statistical Physics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Simulation related Journals

Other Web Resources

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