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Please fell free to read my personal ideas. In the following articles, I 'd like to share my experience, personal discovery and life exploration. Let others know my little thought and it might be beneficial for you and many people. I believe people can gain experience through reading other people's thought and experience. More complete version of these articles have been published by Revoledu as an e-book of Jewels of Morning Dew.

If you feel the principles in this pages is useful, please share it to others. In this way you may cheer up other persons life and bring more happiness to this lovely world. You may also tell me about it. I will be glad to hear from you.

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How to improve your performance using Mental Simulation?

Seven Tools to Find Solutions:

Enhance your spirit to work by Self Motivation

Self motivation gives you a spirit to work or study on something that you need to do it but you feel it is hard or difficult.


How to Become a Creative Person?

Creative person good at generating high degree of different ideas. Gathering ideas from yourself is simply writing down a list of ideas on a particular topic without considering it. Alex Osborn with his Creative Thinking has opened a wide way to explore our own creativity as well as a group of persons.



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