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Lehmer mean is another type of Generalized mean, somewhat similar to Minkowski mean , a generalization of arithmetic , geometric and harmonic mean but with different parameter value

For two numbers and the Lehmer mean is defined as


Setting , we have arithmetic mean


When (take a limit to approach zero), we have harmonic mean


When , and only for two input numbers, we have geometric mean


  • However, we do not have a specific p in Lehmer mean to represent Quadratic mean

Experiment with the interactive program below to compute Lehmer mean of a list of numbers separated by comma. Try different input values and parameter p and compare the result with other Means.

Input list of numbers separated by comma, then press the button "Get Lehmer Mean". The program will compute directly when you change the input data or parameter.

Parameter p = or

Table below provides the summary of parameter to relate Lehmer generalized mean and other means.


Parameter p

Arithmetic Mean

Lehmer Mean

Geometric mean

Lehmer Mean (only two inputs)

Harmonic mean

Lehmer Mean (limit)

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See also: Minkowski mean , generalized mean , arithmetic mean , harmonic mean , geometric mean
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