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Kardi Teknomo Kardi Teknomo Kardi Teknomo

Tutorial on Feasibility Study

By Kardi Teknomo, PhD.

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In this interesting tutorial, you will learn:

  1. How to perform an economic evaluation
  2. How to compute financial analysis
  3. How to model feasibility study for a public transportation system (bus)
  4. How to perform sensitivity analysis using MS Excel

You should be familiar to the very basic on how to use MS Excel (such as how to type formula and value, and copy and paste). No other prerequisite knowledge is necessary to read this tutorial aside from high school algebra. The core knowledge on public transportation financial analysis can be read without going into detail.


The MS Excel worksheet companion of this tutorial is provided here for your understanding.

The topics of the tutorial are given below (click to enter)

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This tutorial is copyrighted.

Preferable reference for this tutorial is

Teknomo, Kardi (2006) Tutorial on Feasibility Study. http://people.revoledu.com/kardi/tutorial/What-If-Analysis/index.html


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