By Kardi Teknomo, PhD.

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Digital Root Interaction Program

A teacher name Mark, contributed his teaching idea on digital root over the internet to create a line between two consecutive pattern of digital root and a dot when those two digits happen to be the same value. Mark's idea was suggested to be done using paper and pen.

I extended Mark's idea with varying the line width based on the normalized frequency of the pattern of the digital root. I made a computer program below that I hope you can enjoy with your students. If you like it, please don't forget to share this into your social media.

The input of the program is simply a 1 dimensional pattern of digital root, that is sequence of integer number 1 to 9 of any digit.

For example:

  • Fibonacci sequence has a pattern of 112358437189887641562819
  • Quadratic pattern is lies in the diagonal of Vedic square is 149779419
  • The digital root pattern of the first 15 prime numbers is 235724815241572

The Example button will give example of digital root pattern. Click Draw Pattern button to visualize the pattern of digital root. You see that with proper tool like this, mathematics can be quite fun.


Looking at the patterns of digital root using diagram above, you may notice the regularity and the missing line. You may also enjoy more digital root pattern using this interactive program.


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