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Break Even Point using Excel

In this section, you will learn how to compute break even point (BEP) that is a point of sales where the profit is zero using MS Excel. If you are not sure about the notation and meaning of each variable, please read previous section .

The spreadsheet example can be downloaded here.

Break Even Point Tutorial

Let us put the value of variable cost/unit, Break Even Point Tutorial in cell C3, the fixed cost Break Even Point Tutorial in cell C4 and price of the product/unit Break Even Point Tutorial in cell C5. The unit of BEP is in cell C7 computed as Equation 1 above, or C7 = C4/(C5-C3). The break-even point is C8 = C7*C5.

For variable cost/unit, Break Even Point Tutorial , fixed cost Break Even Point Tutorial and product price/unit Break Even Point Tutorial , we get break-even at $180 for 60 units sales. The graph relationship of revenue, total cost and fixed cost is shown below. Clearly, the BEP is the intersection point between Revenue line and Total Cost line.

Break Even Point Tutorial

Now suppose you want to know how much is the price should be so that the break-even point is at $200. Of course, you can manipulate it easily from equation 2 to get the product/unit Break Even Point Tutorial . Nevertheless, you can also use MS Excel Goal seek to compute it for you.

Break Even Point Tutorial

Here is steps by step procedure

1. From the menu of MS Excel, click Tools-Goal Seek and Goal Seek dialog show up.

2. Set cell C8 ( the BEP price ) to value 200 ( target value ) by changing cell $C$5 ( initial guess of price ) and click OK button.

3. The result is shown in the figure below. To reach BEP of $200, you need to set the price at $2.73/unit

Break Even Point Tutorial

In the next section, you can play around interactively with the simple online BEP calculator program that I made for this tutorial.

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Teknomo, Kardi. (2010) Determination of product price based on Break Even Point.