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Numerical Excel

Numerical ExcelVarious tutorials to solve analytical problems using MS Excel with and without programming.


Neural Network Tutorial

Neural NetworkBuild your own intelligent magic box in Excel that can be trained to recognize patterns without programming. It's simply amazing...
Read more


K-Means Clustering

k-means clusteringInteresting algorithm to partition your data. Resources to classification analysis, clustering analysis, data mining and free download code



Analytic Hierarchy Process

AHPAnalytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a famous method for multi criteria decision making analysis. Read more

Similarity Measurement

SimilarBasic knowledge on how to measure similarity and dissimilarity of performance index. Useful for clustering, Machine learning and data mining. Many simple examples.


Bootstrap Sampling

bootstrap Powerful Monte Carlo method to estimate distribution from sample's statistics.


Visual Basic (VB) tutorial

VB beginnerStep by step guide to programming using Visual Basic for beginners


Regression Tutorial

NeighborsAn introduction to regression model using MS Excel. Learn how to model, find the best-fit model and use graph, functions, matrix and Add Ins to automate the regression.


K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm

NeighborsSupervised learning for classification in data mining and statistical pattern recognition. Free download.


GIS Tutorial

GISIntroduction to GIS with feature to use Arc GIS (Arc View, Arc Editor or Arc Info). Assumed you know nothing about GIS.


Python for Data Science

PythonLearn about Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence in Python


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