By Kardi Teknomo, PhD .

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Visual Basic (VB) Tutorial

Welcome to Kardi Teknomo's Visual Basic Tutorial. Sure, VB6 is an old programming language that is no longer supportd by Microsoft. However, learning the basic VB6 is the foundation to make Macro in Excel.

In the following lessons, you can learn how to program step by step using Visual Basic 6. All the codes for the lesson can be downloaded and use for free. If you like these tutorial, link this page from your homepage, refer to it and spread the words to your friends.

Building the First Application

Start with this tutorial if you never use Visual Basic before. Beginners lesson on text box, label, input box and make click me game.

Stack Data Structure

Dynamic set where the elements are added to the top of the set (Push) and deleted from the top of the set (Pop).

How to iterate over Symmetric Matrix?

VB tips to reduce computation cost of iterations

Modular Programming

Simplified your programming style through modularity. Learn about form, module, class, function, and sub procedure.

Enhancing Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Comprehensive and step by step guide how to use MDI form , picture box, frame, options, check box, scroll bar, list box, menu and color

Timer in VB

Design your own class of Timer library. Compute the elapse time within your code in hours: minutes: second

Dealing with Array

One of the most useful data structure to handle matrix and vectors or list manipulation.

Using TreeView Component

Use tree data structure to represent categorical data into hierarchy

Object Oriented Programming

Learn how to define, create, use objects in Visual Basic at running time

Using MS Excel from Visual Basic

Enjoy MS excel functions and graphics from Visual Basic without much programming.

Data Structure Library

Very important lesson on how to structure your data as collection object, tree, or stack or your own class and library.

Create Your own Data Type in VB

You can create your own data type in VB. This is useful to create a variable contains of several information, such as database record.

How to use Collection in VB?

What is collection object in VB and how to use it?