By Kardi Teknomo, PhD .

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Beginning of Visual Basic 6 Tutorial

Start with this tutorial if you never use Visual Basic before. If you are new to programming in any programing language, these series of 6 lessons of Visual Basic Tutorial will give you the minimum knowledge to do programming. I assume you have VB6 program in Visual Studio to follow this lesson. If you dont have Visual studio, dont worry. You can still use the lesson of this tutorial using Macro module of any Mircosft Office such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point or Microsot Word or Microsoft Access. Visual Basic is the same language whether you use it as macro of Visual Basic Application (VBA), VB script (for Web page as competitor of Java Script) and VB as stand alone application.

In this first lesson of VB Tutorial you will learn systematically how to run and open the program, how to use various intrinsic control in VB and in the end of this lesson you will be able to make a simple game. The purpose of this first lesson is to give you enough confidence to play around with VB programming.


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Open and Run the program

Getting Help

Input and output

Text Box


Event and Coordinate

Simple Game

Try it yourself

The code for this first lesson can be downloaded for free here .