Python for Data Science

This is a series of tutorials where you will learn python programming language, and several important libraries and modules for data analysis such as numpy, pandas and scikit-learn.

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  • Queuing Tutorial

    M/M/s Queuing Spreadsheet

  • AHP Tutorial

    Analytic Hierarchy Process Tutorial

  • Decision Tree Tutorial

    Decision Tree Tutorial

  • Gausian Mixture Tutorial

    Gaussian Mixture Model and EM Algorithm Tutorial

  • Clustering Tutorial

    Hierarchical Clustering Tutorial

  • K Means Tutorial

    K Means Clustering Tutorial

  • K Nearest Neighbors Tutorial

    K Nearest Neighbor Tutorial

  • Market Basket Analysis Tutorial

    Market Basket Analysis Tutorial

  • Neural Network Tutorial

    Neural Network Tutorial

  • Q Learning Tutorial

    Q-Learning Tutorial

  • SVM Tutorial

    Support Vector Machines Tutorial

Simple Data Analysis using Python

Short Introduction of data analysis using Python

Learning Python

If you are new to Python, here is where you should start. It is for absolute beginners

Learning Numpy

Learn basic data structure of array and matrices

Learning Pandas

Learn the world most famous data analysis modules

Video Analysis using OpenCV-Python

You will not believe it until you try on your own. Super fun basic video analysis

SVM in Python

Use scikit-learn for Support Vector Machine to do Machine Learning. It's simply amazing...

Debugging, Refactoring and Unit Test

Test Driven Agile Development.

Automatic Theorem Prover

Interactive way to use Python in solving first order proposition logic. Absolutely free.

Automatic Geocoding

Convert your tons of street, locations and cities into latitude and longitude coordinates

Practices Neural Network in Python

Use Perceptron and Multi-Linear Preceptron to train and predict the data

Displaying Locations using Heatmap

Visualize the geocoded latitude and longitude coordinates into heatmap

Ideal Flow using Python

Network efficiency analysis based on Ideal Flow

Natural Language Processing

Learning NLP using Python NLTK by analyzing the book of Psalm of David

Premagic Game in Python

Use PySimpleGUI and numpy to create simple board game of premagic matrix where the layout is auto-generated at run time.

Handling Files in Python

Learn about read and write your data into text file, CSV, or JSN and its conversion to Pandas data frame.

Set Theory in Python

Learning how to code Discrete Math Set Theory in Python.

Object Oriented Programming in Python

Learn about Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Aggregation, Composition.

Python Decorator

Advanced Python programming on Python Decorator.

Design Pattern

Various Object Oriented Design Patterns in Python.

Python Abstract Class

learn about abstract class, abstract method, interface and error by designed.