by Kardi Teknomo

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We have questionnaire data and we would like to analyze the data. The first step of data analysis is data coding . Data coding is transformation of our questionnaire data into another format that computer (in this case we are going to use Microsoft Excel) could understand. Thus, we convert our questionnaire data into numbers one for each of value .

In the last section , I have explained the questionnaire data that we will use in this tutorial. The original data from questionnaire is shown in the figure below.

Out of six variables in the questionnaire, only variable Activity and Playground need modifications while the others are already in the correct format (i.e. one number for each value). Variable Activities need to be converted to binary format (1 and 0, 1 = chose that activity, 0 = did not do that activity) for each value. Thus, we will convert it into 6 columns according to the number of values in the variable Activity . Variable Playground need to be converted to binary (1 = yes, and 0 = no) so that we can use Data Analysis tool in MS excel that can only accept numerical data. The results is shown in the table below. You may download the spreadsheet example of this tutorial here

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