By Kardi Teknomo, PhD .

Prime Factors

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Tutorial on Prime Factors

This simple tutorial demonstrates how we can use MS Excel iteration to compute prime number and prime factors in spreadsheet without macro. The problem of finding prime factor seems to be a very simple problem for exercise of first Algorithm course (finding prime number is actually not a simple problem when it involves large integer) but to do it in MS Excel without VBA macro would be a programming challenge because we need to do a Do-While loop without having explicit loop command. It can represent how we handle with programming of parallel processing in a serial computer.

First I am going to refresh you about divisibility , what is prime number and prime factor (each with the code and interactive program to try). Then I will show manual algorithm to compute prime and prime factors and then I will demonstrate how we will use MS Excel to automate the computation of prime factors . Spreadsheet companion of this tutorial can be downloaded here . It's free of charge.

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Quotient Remainder (interaction program)
List of Divisors (interactive program)
What is prime number?
IsPrime? (interaction program)
Sieve of Erastosthenes ( interactive program )
Is-Prime Algorithm
What is prime factorization?
Prime Factorization (interaction program)
Algorithm to compute prime factor
Prime or Composite (interaction program)

Prime Factor Using Spreadsheet
Resources on Prime Number

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