By Kardi Teknomo, PhD.


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Online Hierarchical Clustering Calculator

In this page, we provide you with an interactive program of hierarchical clustering. You can try to cluster using your own data set. The example data below is exactly what I explained in the numerical example of this clustering tutorial. Feel free to change the sample data with your own data and see it is grouped together. Explore the choice of linkage methods and distances or a way to show the dendogram tree.

Input Enter your data:
Control panel Linkage method : Single-linkage Complete-linkage Average-linkage

Distance : Euclidian Manhattan Chebysev (Maximum)

Show labels: Yes No

Show centroids: Yes No

Show distance: Yes No

Balance dendogram : Yes No

Minimum spacing between nodes:

You see in the interactive program above that we have several choices of distances and linkage methods. In the next section , we will learn how to evaluate our choice using Cophenetic correlation.

Click here to purchase the complete E-book of this tutorial

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