By Kardi Teknomo, PhD .

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Matrix Algebra

This is the second section of Linear Algebra tutorial that you will learn about matrix and matrix algebra.

The following are the topics of this section:

What is a matrix and why do we need matrix?
Special Matrices
Matrix One
Null Matrix
Matrix Diagonal ( Is Diagonal Matrix ?)
Identity Matrix
Matrix Special Properties
Matrix Determinant
Matrix Sum
Matrix Trace
Matrix Basic Operation

Is Equal Matrix?
Matrix Transpose
Matrix Addition
Matrix Subtraction
Matrix Multiplication
Matrix Scalar Multiple
Matrix Element-wise product (Hadamard Product)
Matrix Horizontal Concatenation
Matrix Vertical Concatenation
Elementary Row Operations
Matrix RREF
Finding inverse using RREF (Gauss-Jordan)
Finding Matrix Rank using RREF
Matrix Inverse
Is Singular Matrix?

See Also : Vector Algebra , Linear transformation , Eigen System

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