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Bray Curtis Distance

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Bray Curtis distance, or Sorensen distance, is a normalization method that is commonly used in botany, ecology and environmental science field. It views the space as grid similar to the city block distance . The Bray curtis distance has a nice property that if all coordinates are postive, its value is between zero and one. Zero bray curtis represent exact similar coordinate. If both objects are in the zero coordinates, the Bray curtis distance is undefined. The normalization is done using absolute difference divided by the summation.

Formula : Bray Curtis Distance , or equivalent formula Bray Curtis Distance

Try to experiment with your own input values using the interactive program of Bray Curtis Distance below.

Input coordinate values of Object-A and Object-B (the coordinate are numbers only), then press "Get Sorensen Distance" button. The program will directly calculate when you type the input.

Features Object A Object B


Point A has coordinate (0, 3, 4, 5) and point B has coordinate (7, 6, 3, -1).

Features Bray Curtis Distance





Object A





Object B





The Bray Curtis distance or Sorensen distance between point A and B is

Bray Curtis Distance

The pattern of Bray Curtis distance in 2-dimension is quadrilateral. The figure below is drawn with a sink at the center. Compare this shape with the 2D shape of Canberra distance.
2D Bray Curtis Distance

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