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How to do Mental Simulation?

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God has given everyone of us a very excellent tool to use our mental vision.

With our mental simulation we can do role play, as if we were other person, or to see the possible combinations of strategy that our competitors may use and simulate our respond toward their strategy.

We can also use the mental simulation to make a better preparation about what are we going to do, or do a space and time travel to a place and time that we have never seen before.

What if analysis in mental simulation may help us to analyze our situation and gives us more understanding about your own life as well as our life purpose. We can see clearly what actually we want to accomplish in our life.

To do mental simulation you need a lot of practice. Many warning should be given because mental simulation may directly affect your subconscious mind. In summary, you must control your own imagination when you use mental simulation. It may be dangerous for you and others if you do not use it carefully.



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