By Kardi Teknomo, PhD.


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This tutorial will introduce you to the several methods on multi criteria decision making (MCDM). One famous method of MCDM is called Analytic Hierarchy Process or AHP in short. The AHP procedure had been applied for Decision Support System (DSS), including data mining and machine learning and so many applications. You can download the MS Excel file as companion of this tutorial


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Multi Criteria Decision Making

MCDM Calculator
Cross Tabulation
Evaluation based on Rank
Weighted Criteria

Analytic Hierarchy Process (What is AHP)
Pair-wise Comparison (What is pair-wise comparison?)
Making Comparison Matrix (How to make reciprocal matrix?)
Priority Vectors (How to compute Eigen Value and Eigen vector?)
Consistency Index and Consistency Ratio (What is the meaning of consistent?)
Illustrative example (how to compute in a full hierarchy?)

Resources on Analytic Hierarchy Process

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Teknomo, Kardi. (2006) Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Tutorial .