By Kardi Teknomo, PhD .

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GIS Techniques

To demonstrate the basic GIS technique in a tutorial manner, we are going to use ArcGIS sample map of South East Asia . The sample map is usually located in directory ArcGIS/SampleMaps/ with file name SouthEastAsia.mxd

Arc GIS Tutorial: GIS Technique


At the end of this basic ArcGIS technique, you will be able to

Extract part of the map

Query by Attribute
Create layer from selection
Convert Layer to Shape File
Create a New Map from Extracted Layers
Create Choropleth map
Showing only selected layers or Showing several layers together
Create Dot Density map
Change Symbol of Points
Make Buffer
Perform Geoprocessing
Add Field and Calculate Value of Table
> Derive Statistics, perform Sort and Summary

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Preferable reference for this tutorial is

Teknomo, Kardi (2015) Introduction to GIS. https:\\\kardi\ tutorial\GIS\