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Since 2003, Revoledu.com has been providing trusted contents that can be checked in Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive. Please feel free to read any of my tutorials. All of them are introductory materials. If you like these tutorials, link this page from your homepage, tell your friends, spread the words and consider to give your donation or purchase the tutorials and the software. If you write any papers or publications or web sites based on the open course in this web site, please give your attribution by refering to the appropriate reference for each material. I would really appreciate this because you help others to find this page easier.

Writing tutorials is very different from writing scientific papers. Every time I write a tutorial, the focus is on you, the readers. How could I explain it better? How could I organize it such that it may be perceived as simple and easy. It is a continuous improvement process to serve you better. Drop you feedback and let me know what kind of improvement should I make for you.

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  • Queuing Tutorial

    M/M/s Queuing Spreadsheet

  • AHP Tutorial

    Analytic Hierarchy Process Tutorial

  • Decision Tree Tutorial

    Decision Tree Tutorial

  • Gausian Mixture Tutorial

    Gaussian Mixture Model and EM Algorithm Tutorial

  • Clustering Tutorial

    Hierarchical Clustering Tutorial

  • K Means Tutorial

    K Means Clustering Tutorial

  • K Nearest Neighbors Tutorial

    K Nearest Neighbor Tutorial

  • Market Basket Analysis Tutorial

    Market Basket Analysis Tutorial

  • Neural Network Tutorial

    Neural Network Tutorial

  • Q Learning Tutorial

    Q-Learning Tutorial

  • SVM Tutorial

    Support Vector Machines Tutorial

Principal Component Analysis

Feature selection, dimensional reduction for visualization using PCA. Excel Add-In also available

Python for Data Science

Learn about Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence in Python.

Ideal Flow Network

Virtual Lab on Ideal Flow Network - learn about matrix, network and trajectory
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Neural Network

Build your own intelligent magic box in Excel that can be trained to recognize patterns without programming. It's simply amazing...
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Decision Tree

Learn step by step how to use and generate a popular classifier that does not require any knowledge or parameter setting.

Hierarchical Clustering

Step by step example on how to compute hierarchical clustering manually and how to validate the clustering using Cophenetic Correlation Coefficient

Q Learning by Example

Pictorial introduction to Reinforcement Learning of Agent in unknown environment. Solving Tower of Hanoi.

Numerical Excel

Various tutorials to solve analytical problems using MS Excel with and without programming.

K-Means Clustering

Interesting algorithm to partition your data. Resources to classification analysis, clustering analysis, data mining

Mixture Distribution

Blend of independent component distributions.

Gaussian Mixture Model

Flexible unsupervised learning for density estimation, clustering and likelihood optimization.
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K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm

Supervised learning for classification, interpolation and extrapolation in data mining and statistical pattern recognition.

Break Event Analysis

Interactive way to optimize your pricing strategy and starts make profit
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Stochastic Process

Learn about Random Walk and Brownian Motion in Excel.

Financial Education

Gain insight about the meaning of compound interest rate

Analysis of Algorithm

Compare the efficiency of algorithms, rank the best, good and bad algorithms and measure programmer's productivity that influence your IT cost.

Analytic Hierarchy Process

Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a famous method for multi criteria decision making analysis.
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Market Basket Analysis

Learn to discover association rules from transaction data of a store.
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Frequently asked questions about MapReduce for Big Data

Non-Linear Transformation

Transform nonlinear curves into simple linear regression

Recursive Average & Variance

Efficient methods to compute average and variance using recursive formula for real time measurement data

Discriminant Analysis

Classical algorithm for pattern recognition and classification analysis.

Bootstrap Sampling

Powerful Monte Carlo method to estimate distribution from sample's statistics.

Digital Root

Discover fascinating mathematical patterns of digital root

Feasibility Study

Explain how to perform what-if scenario and sensitivity analysis. Example on economic feasibility study for public transportation system (bus).

System Dynamic

Introduction to system thinking terminologies such as rate, level, positive and negative feedback loop, causal and stock flow diagram.

Similarity Measurement

Basic knowledge on how to measure similarity and dissimilarity of performance index. Useful for clustering, Machine learning and data mining. Many simple examples.

Monte Carlo Simulation

Beginners guide to one of the largest and most important classes of numerical method for computer simulations

Mean and Average

An eye opener to create many means or average beyond the traditional arithmetic, geometric and harmonic means. Include fundamentalrelationship between averages.

Multiagent System

Development of prototype multi agent simulation using only spreadsheet. Simple example of race of agents.

Visual Basic (VB) tutorial

Step by step guide to programming using Visual Basic for beginners

Prime Factor

Use interactive javascript and MS Excel iteration to compute prime number and prime factors and a lot more

Solving ODE

Practical approach to solve Ordinary Differential Equation numerically using Euler and Runge-Kutta method

Kernel Regression

Non-linear curve fitting technique using local kernel only by MS excel without macro

Linear Regression Model

An introduction to regression model using MS Excel. Learn how to model, find the best-fit model and use graph, functions, matrix and Add Ins to automate the regression.

Linear Algebra

Understanding vector, matrix, solving linear equations, eigen value, and many more using online interactive programs.

Data Analysis from Questionnaires

Interactive descriptive statistics and contingency table and chi-square independent test to analyze your data from questionnaire survey

GIS Tutorial

Introduction to GIS with feature to use Arc GIS (Arc View, Arc Editor or Arc Info). Assumed you know nothing about GIS.


Learn how to test whether a word or a number is a palindrome. Generate and search palindrome.

Useful Summation & Tricks

This tutorial is made especially for those of you who forget or confuse with the mathematics symbol Sigma that represent summation.

Growth Model

Brief introduction to various basic growth model such as arithmetic , geometric, exponential and logistic growth phenomena using interactive program

Graph Theory

A very gentle introduction to Graph theory in ordinary English using simple diagram of points and arcs.

Difference Equation

Learn very fascinating subject of discrete dynamical system, its solution, behavior, equilibrium or critical value and stability.

Ginger Bread Man

Do you remember ginger bread man cookies? Learn about Chaos and having fun to produce Ginger Bread Man Cards

Fractal in Excel

Have fun with Excel to produce fractal shape of Seipinski gasket

Adaptive Machine Learning Algorithm

Histogram based learning formula with memory for educational Monte Calo game and simulation. Numerical example for hand calculation and MS Excel is explained.

Continued Fraction

An introduction to regular continued fraction (finite, infinite and periodic) and its application to convert decimal to fraction, compute Pi and Euler number.

LAN Connections Switch

How to automate swicth between LAN connections from static IP address to broadband DHCP

Queuing Theory

Get frustrated because of congestion and queuing problem? Read this tutorial to solve your unnecessary queuing problems.

Generalized Inverse

Solve regression using generalized inverse matrix in MS Excel

Page Rank

Learn how to compute Google Page Rank algorithm using MS Excel iteration and Matlab. Read more

Quadratic Function

Explore the characteristics of quadratic function and parabola curve

Learning from Data

Statistical concepts and online programs about central tendency and variation of data.

Crypt Arithmetic

Have fun with mathematical puzzle and solution.

Complex Number

Build Fractal Geometry using Complex Number. It gives you the basic arithmetic of Complex Number.

EM Algorithm

An iterative procedure to estimate the maximum likelihood of mixture density distribution

Support Vector Machine

Classify non-linear data using SVM without programming.
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Maximum Likelihood

Well-known method to estimate the parameter of a distribution