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Data mining, Pattern Recognition, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligent, Game programming

k-Means clustering
Hierarchical Clustering
K Nearest Neighbor
Similarity and Distance
Normalization of Performance Index
Adaptive Learning from Histogram
Discriminant analysis
Reinforcement Learning
Monte Carlo Simulation
Bootstrap Sampling
Recursive Average
Market Basket Analysis
Decision tree
Multi Agent System
Kernel Regression
Page Rank
Support Vector Machines

Programming & Numerical method

Visual Basic (VB) tutorial
Micrsoft Excel Tutorial
Microsoft Excel Macro
Tower of Hanoi
Newton Raphson
Excel Iteration
Finding Eigen Value
Root of Polynomial
Ordinary Differential Equation
Soving System Equation
Generalized Inverse
Euler Integration
Complex Number

GIS, Urban Spatial Analysis, Social Behavior, Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Multi Criteria Decision Making, Financial and Economic, Management Science

ArcGIS tutorial
Learning from data
Data Analysis from Questionnaire
System dynamic
Break Even Point
Feasibility Study
What If Analysis Data Table
Financial Analysis
Multicriteria decision making
Rank Reversal
Scenario Analysis
Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
Queuing Theory.


Fun with Math and Statistics

Difference equations
Summation Tricks
Ginger Bread Man and Chaos
Mean and Average
Mean, median, mode
Variance and Standard deviation
Time Average & Time Variance
Data Revival from Statistics
Sierpinski gasket
Regression Model
NonLinear Transformation
Generalized Mean
Graph Theory
Growth Model
Digital Root
Is Prime?
Continued Fraction
Sieve of Erastosthenes
Convert Decimal to rational
Euler Number
Power rules
Logarithm Rules
Factorial function
Bayes Theorem
Independent Events
Conditional Probability
Kernel basis function
Prime Factor
Quadratic Function
Linear Algebra

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