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By Kardi Teknomo, PhD.

Below are links to the interactive programs, software and tools that I have made. Feel free to try them. If you like them, please recommend them to your friends.

Angular Separation
Arithmetic Growth
Arithmetic-Geometric Growth
Arithmetic Mean
Big Mouth
Break Even Point
Bray Curtis Distance
Canberra Distance
Central Tendency
Chebyshev Distance
City Block Distance
Contingency Table (Cross Tabulation)
Continued Fraction
Correction Measurement
Correlation Coefficient
Cosine Angle of Vectors
Cross Product
Data Revival from statistics
Decimal to Fraction conversion
Descriptive Statistics
Diagonal Matrix
Digital Root
Divisibility and Prime Factorization
Divisor List
Eden - Stochastic Urban Cellular Model
Eigenvalue & Eigenvector for Symmetric matrix
Eikou Drawing Pad
Euclidean Distance
Exponential Growth
Financial Calculators
Gauss Jordan Reduction
Geometric Growth
Geometric Mean
G/G/s Queuing System
Hadamard Product
Hamming Distance
Harmonic Mean
Horizontal Concatenation
Identity Matrix
Independent Test (Chi-Square)
Inner Product
Is Diagonal Matrix?
Is Equal Matrix?
Is Prime?
Is Singular Matrix?
Is Vector?
Jaccard Coeffcient
Lehmer Mean
Linearly Independent Vectors
Logistic Growth Model
Mahalanobis Distance
Matrix Addition
Matrix Inverse
Matrix Multiplication
Matrix Nullity & Null Space
Matrix One
Matrix Range
Matrix Rank through RREF
Matrix Scalar Multiple
Matrix Size
Matrix Subtraction
Matrix Sum
Matrix Transpose
Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD)
Mean and Variance
Minkowski Distance
Minkowski Mean
M/M/1 Queuing System
M/M/s Queuing System
M/M/s/N Queuing System
M/M/s/N/N Queuing System
M/M/∞ Queuing System
Moore-Penrose Generalized Inverse
Morse Code
Null matrix
Orthogonal Matrix
Orthogonal Vector
Outer Product
Pattern of Digital Root
Power of Digital Root
Prime Factorization
Prime List between N1 & N2 (Sieve of Erastosthenes)
Projection Vector
Quadratic Growth
Quadratic Mean
Queuing Optimization
Queuing Rule of Thumb
Quotient and Remainder
Rank of a matrix
Recursive Mean and Variance
Reduced Row Echelon Form (RREF)
Scalar Triple Product
Simple Matching Coefficient
Singular value decomposition (SVD)
Spectral Decomposition
Symmetric Matrix
System Linear Equations
Text Similarity
Time Average
Trace of a Matrix
Triple Cross Product
Triple Dot Product
Unit Vector
Vector Addition
Vector Norm
Vector Scalar Multiple
Vector Subtraction
Vertical Concatenation

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